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If the cost of energy-saving upgrades is out of reach, Ontario’s new AffordAbility Fund is here for you.

The AffordAbility Fund Trust (AFT) is the designated authority for administering and delivering the AffordAbility Fund; its mandate is to make energy more affordable for Ontarians.

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Northern Ontario Wires Inc. Application for Rates OEB File Number EB-2018-0058

Click here to open the PDF document.

To open this document, you will need a PDF reader, if you do not have a PDF reader, you can download and install Adobe Reader for free by clicking here.

2017 Scorecard for Ontario's Electricity Distributors

The Scorecard measures how well Ontario's electricity distributors are performing each year. It is designed to encourage electricity utilities to operate effectively, continually seek ways to improve productivity and focus on improvements that their customers value.

Click here to download Northern Ontario Wires 2017 Scorecard


Change in your Hydro Bill Due Date

Northern Ontario Wires Inc. will be changing the billing cycle for your monthly hydro bills. Effective February 2018, the hydro bills will be mailed a week earlier than usual and due on the 8th of the following month.

During this transition, a payment will be due February 15, 2018 and then March 8, 2018. If the 8th falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date will be the next business day.

If your hydro account is on pre-authorized payment, your payment will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. Please note that you will still have the same amount of time to pay the bill.

    To find out more click here to open the PDF

2017 Cost of Service EB-2016-0096

To view the 2017 Cost of Service EB-2016-0096 documentation, click here.

Energy Insights

Effective September 3, 2013 all requests for locates will be redirected to:

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Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The provincial government has implemented a Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) to assist low income energy consumers.





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